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Reusable Makeup Remover Pads – Microfiber Facial Pads – 5 Pack With Laundry Bag – Washable Makeup Removing Pads for Eyes & Face – Reusable Facial Rounds – Eco Friendly & Zero Waste by BE-U-TIFUL

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  • WHY MICROFIBER MAKEUP REMOVER PADS? Super soft, washable, double sided & reusable with a plus pad surface, microfibers are 100 times finer than human hair which are gentle even on the most sensitive skin. All natural, no harsh fibers.
  • STAIN FREE – Say goodbye to foundation, mascara or lipstick stains that make the pad hard to clean and not so pleasant to reuse. Perfect as toner pads as well.
  • REMOVE MAKEUP JUST WITH WATER – Remove makeup, gently exfoliate skin, clean masks & sebum from your face. These 5 reusable microfiber facial pads come in two sizes: 3 large pads for face – 4.5 inches, and 2 small reusable eye pads – 3 inches.
  • SAVE MONEY & REDUCE WASTE – Thicker than regular cotton pads they last through a lot of use and wash cycles. Save money having a zero waste lifestyle because these microfiber makeup remover pads reusable are saving you a lot of wasted money from buying single use wipes and cotton pads. Each microfiber reusable round can be washed around 300 times, replacing up to 400 cotton face wipes being an environmental remover pad.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & RISK FREE – Place these washable makeup remover pads in provided laundry bag. Toss in washing machine and let them dry. If by any reason, you don’t like our reusable microfiber makeup remover pad, we offer full, 30 day money back guarantee provided by our manufacturer.

Details: REDUCE WASTE, SAVE MONEY AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN OUR ENVIRONMENT! Be-U-Tiful was born from our desire to be the change that we wanted to see in the world. Because microfiber is proven to remove makeup and to exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth, soft and glowing we designed our pad from this fiber. We chose to design them black so you do not have to worry about struggling to clean the stains from a lighter color. Say goodbye to lint left on your face from cotton because microfiber is lint free. This fiber strands are also 100 times finer than human hair. Unlike cotton, which reaches makeup and impurities at the surface of the skin, microfiber actually goes deep into the pores and traps the sebum and makeup making sure nothing is left on your skin. Microfiber cloths are eco-friendly because they reduce the waste caused by the usage of disposable wipes and cotton rounds, replacing up to 400 wipes and rounds. Contents: 3 Large Pads (4.5 inch) – Perfect for facial makeup removal 2 Small Pads (3 inch) – Perfect for eye makeup removal 1 Laundry Bag – Perfect for machine washing Made To: Cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin Remove sebum, oil, makeup and impurities from your skin Perfect reusable toner face pads. How to use the Microfiber Face Pads: Wet the microfiber face cloth makeup remover with warm water. Squeeze the excess water from the cloth. Remove makeup by gently wiping it away from the face. For heavy makeup we recommend using cleanser as well for best results.Wash the microfiber cloth with mild soap and warm water. Warm water helps the face pad to swell so it can expel the dirt that was absorbed. Important: Please don’t use Fabric Softener because it will destroy the fibers. If you aren’t fully satisfied with your makeup remover pads we offer a full, 30 days money back guarantee! Supply is limited. Click on Add to cart today!


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